Mystery Client is a process in which auditor incoorporates into a client so that it is able to check quality of service in terms of contact with customers. Mystery Shopping helps out to use every channel of communication.

Final client uses various channel of communication (store, helpline, chat, website). Choice of communication channel is motivated by current needs and preferences. Thus, we propose to implement monitoring of OmniChannel services quality. Project is conducted by Mystery Shopping audits from a perspective of customer needs. Thanks to Mystery Shopping method it is easy to create artlessness in various communication.

Mystery Client method is also based on real clients audits. The difference applies to a profile of client – he/she is a real client, a regular consument or an entrprenuer.

High quality of service means…


…additional sale!

Quality of service index at 95%
may trigger sales
 at 10 – 15%.


…Clients Loyalty!

At 80% Quality
of service index,
client loyalty approximately
lasts for five years,
at 90% the time is 10 years.


…more reccomendation
of your product and service!

One happy client reccomends
your company/product
approximately 3 other people.

What does a mystery shopper do?


Mystery Shopper goes to
a point of sell and acts
according to a scennario.


Mystery Shopper buys a
product, asks questions,
observes salesperson,
particular sale techniques,
product knowledge.


Mystery shopper comes
to know a point
– offer and equipment,

Tajemniczy_klient__0013_co_robi_ikonka_4 REPORT
After a visit Mystery Shopper
fills in a quationnaire,
evaluates particular elements
and hands in audio and photo

Why with us?

Tajemniczy_klient__0015_dlaczego_z_nami_ikonka_1 Experience

13 000 audits
executed in 2016

of our clients

Permanent monitoring of
quality of service using
Mystery Shopper technique
helped our clients to raise
customer satisfaction.



Usage of platform which is
dedicated to manage quality
of service, supports results
access of Mystery Shopper
audits and communication
with a network.

Tajemniczy_klient__0018_dlaczego_z_nami_ikonka_4The best proffessionals
in a filed of quality of service!

Quality watch is a team of experts
dealing with quality of service
raising, Customer Experience and
Mystery Shopper projects.



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